Vientiane Travel Guide

Vientiane is the capital of Laos, and it has been a French trading post in the past years. Despite the passage of several decades, the colorful, colonial architecture of the city is still intact. This capital of Laos is also the hub of cafe cultures and golden temples, along with having a busy nightlife. But still, many religious buildings dominate the city.

Since the 16th century, Vientiane has been the capital of Laos. It is considered as the mysterious realm of million elephants and it is situated in the heart of Indochina. This city of Vientiane in the past has also been an important trading route to south China.

Vientiane is definitely a historic and proud city and a city with a proud past.

Vientiane City Guide

Things To See and Do

There are various places that are worth visiting in Vientiane.

These places are either important because of their history or in terms of their architecture and style.

Lao national museum

The Lao national museum was founded to highlight the resolution of the 1979’s.

Currently, it is located in a French colonial building. If you want to gain knowledge and information or if you are interested in the past and history, cultures and traditions of Vientiane, then this surely is a good place to go. 

Phou khao khouay

This is basically considered to be the conservation area. This area boasts beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails.

Here, sun bears and elephants are present in large numbers along with various other wildlife.

Great stupa

One can definitely say that this great stupa is the most important monument in the country. It was built in 1566 and overall, its exterior looks like a fortress with gigantic high walls. It is a historic place and well worth visiting.

Chao anouvong park

It is one of the most beautiful places in Vientiane. This park is situated right in the center of the city. It has a lot of greenery for walking, hanging out, and playing. Hence it is a good place for hanging out. 

Presidential palace

One of the most admirable and elegantly designed buildings of Vientiane is this presidential palace. It is a beautiful and magnificent piece of French art and architecture. One of the important things about this palace is that its iron gates are decorated with gold. So overall, this place is worth a visit.

Lao boat racing

If you are going to Vientiane in the months of September and October, then definitely you should visit the boat racing festival. In this festival, various teams race in dragon boats, and a large number of spectators are present along the banks of the river. A lot of food stalls are also established and definitely this racing festival is quite unique in its own sense. 

Travel Costs

If we discuss the usual hotel prices, then the hotel’s pricing generally starts from 5$ per night and it increases as compared to facilities and standards. These hotels have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning systems, breakfast, and swimming pool facilities.

If we consider the food, then the street food in Vientiane is quite economical and also good in taste. A grilled meat dish will generally cost you 2-3 dollars. If you want to eat the best street food, then the Lane Dang is definitely the superb place in Vientiane to find tons of quality and amazing foods. Considering overall, the food prices are quite reasonable and the food quality and taste are simply outstanding. Therefore, Vientiane surely has some great food to offer.

Money Saving Tips

Vientiane is not like other cities that are very expensive. In fact, it is not going to break your bank balance as the prices of foods, hotels and other things are definitely quite reasonable. But still, there are some tricks to further save your money.

Local transport

By using public or local transport, one can definitely save a lot of money. Rather than using taxis, one should use public transport as it is cheap and more suitable for traveling within the city. This will help you to save money.

Local food

In Vientiane, you should definitely eat local food because the local food doesn’t cost that much. It is quite cheap and good in terms of taste. In contrast, if you eat western food, then it will definitely cost you more. Therefore, if you are trying to limit your expenses and budget, then you should eat and prefer local food over western food. 

Therefore, I will conclude this by saying Vientiane is indeed a worth visiting place. It has French architecture-based historical buildings and beautiful recreational parks and astonishing scenery. You should definitely think about visiting this place.

How To Get Around?

Getting around in Vientiane is quite easy because the city has a public bus system.

Traveling by bus is more economical and more convenient for the average tourist.

Furthermore, another excellent way to get around the city is by using bicycles that are available at a very low rent amount.

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