Jakarta Travel Guide

Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is an enormous, sprawling metropolis, home to more than 10 million people who have varied cultural group backgrounds from all around Indonesia. Throughout the daytime, the amount rises with commuters making their way to work at town and creep out again in the evenings.

Situated on the Shore of Java Island, the State of DKI Jakarta has quickly expanded through the years, occupying many cities in the process. In Reality, Jakarta is a conglomeration of villages Called kampung, now Spanned by primary roads and superhighways.

This Town is Split into 5 districts, namely Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Timur, and Jakarta Selatan. The expression ‘Jabodetabek’ describes Jakarta-Bogor-Depok-Tangerang-Bekasi – that the Greater Jakarta area is composed of megacities enclosing the capital.

Jakarta Travel Guide

Things To See and Do

The National Monument

This immense arrangement is a part of town and is located in the lovely Merdeka Square. Reputation at a gigantic 132m large, the National Monument pays homage to the struggle for Indonesian independence and is revered throughout the nation. Honestly, if you are interested in the background of Indonesia as a nation, you are going to want to find this location.

Apart from the gorgeous design of this construction, it’s also possible to scale into the observation deck to get magnificent views of this huge city. Though, only be certain that you go to on an un-smoggy moment. Views could be hampered if it is similar to this.

Fatahillah Museum

This is easily among the best things to do Jakarta If You Would like to know more about the country and the roots of Jakarta itself.

Constructed at the historical centre of Jakarta, it’s a shed load of background to research and placed the most exquisite (and older) town hall building that’s over 300 years of age. In reality, it’s stated that the building itself was modelled after Dam Palace (in Amsterdam).

After here, be certain that you observe the stone tablets, murals as well as the Tugu inscription that dates all of the way back to the 5th Century. Even though it’s a replica (of what is from the federal museum) it is still amazing to see.

Istiqlal Mosque

Since the greatest mosque in Southeast Asia, the Istigal Mosque is definitely worth visiting and is now a hugely significant building in the center of Jakarta.

Originally built in 1978, this mosque has a capacity of 200,000 plus includes a gorgeous marble courtyard with different decorative minarets. Indoors, vast columns maintain the central dome and the walls have been adorned with Islamic reliefs and iconography.

This is an remarkable structure is practically difficult to overlook when you are in this field of Jakarta.

It is among the most iconic buildings and also the very best things to do in Jakarta should you would like to view more of how varied the town is.

National Museum of Indonesia

Located in close proximity to Merdeka Square, the National Museum delivers a shocking selection of relics and artefacts concerning the history of Indonesia and its own cultural heritage.

Thus, you know, in case you are up for a little bit of civilization, you must head here! This is particularly true when you become caught at a seasonal rain shower, also. It is among the greatest things to do in Jakarta in case the weather becomes bad.

Oh, too, within the group, are a few unbelievable rock Hindu-Buddhist art, a treasure room filled with stone artefacts, a set of historical ceramics and just a choice of ancient finds like fossils and ceremonial weaponry, also. They have got a pile of artefacts and magnificent buildings to research.

Merdeka Square

This enormous square is one of the chief areas of Jakarta and crosses over a 1km squarefoot. To put it in perspective, this square is five times the size of this colossal Tiananmen Square in Beijing! At the middle of this open area is your National Monument, and encompassing such an iconic statue is a string of footpaths, mountainous regions, and gorgeous water features. When you are in Jakarta, take time (plus a few fairly sturdy walking shoes) to pay a visit to this square.

It is among the greatest things to do in Jakarta that is stunning on a bright day.

Jakarta Cathedral

This Cathedral is easily among the best things to do in Jakarta.

Produced in 1901, this church has functioned as the chair of this Roman Catholic institution in Jakarta since its beginning. Front façade Of the church features several elaborate Romanesque decoration along with two magnificent white spires.

In Addition, the beautiful interior features a classic design and can be Very reminiscent of a good deal of European cathedrals.

This Provides a different perspective of faith in the nation and is a wonderful reminder Of those states Catholic roots.

Thousand Islands

The Thousand Islands are a Series Situated off the north Shore Of Jakarta and offer an array of opportunities for individuals wanting to measure Beyond the bounds of this capital. Now, there is not really a Thousand Islands to Explore, but you will find heaps’ each with their own allure.

When you arrive in Jakarta, talk to the concierge at the hotel which could help organise your own tour.

To keep prices lower, you can decide on a shared tour that will take you into the main island.

National Gallery

Produced in 1999, the National Gallery targets showcasing amazing Indonesian ability and is the best place to see to have a look at some rather considerable art from Indonesia.

This wonderful complex comprises over 1700 individual bits from renowned Indonesian artists like Raden Saleh, Affandi and Basuki Abdullah (in case you do not know who are now, you will certainly will and will most likely be a lover by the time you depart ).

The art gallery also includes some overseas parts of work from musicians such as Hans Harting and Victor Vasarely.

Money Saving Tips

Eat on the street

It’s possible for you to pick up tasty regional cuisine for under 10,000 IDR ($0.70 USD). Street unwanted Snacks, soups, and noodles can keep your wallet fat alongside your stomach complete! Markets are the best option for finding seriously cheap meals.

Drive a Hard Bargain

Nothing is at face value in Indonesia. Deal with vendors since the majority of the time that the cost they have quoted will probably not be the price you’ll pay if you make a deal.

Drink Cheap

Spend less on alcohol by going into the regional happy hours (or simply buying your beverages at a local store rather ). This is going to be the least expensive way to beverage.

Free Shuttles

While taxis are cheap, pretty much each lodging will provide free airport transfers. Make the most of them and save yourself some cash.

Book Online in Advance

If you are thinking about hitting some of Indonesia’s most well-known destinations, such as Bali, it is actually cheaper to reserve your lodging (and occasionally tours) online beforehand instead of showing up and attempting to strike a bargain.

Pay Bus Attendants Directly

When You are catching an intercity bus, do not buy a ticket from a ticket window. It is more economical to pay on the bus.

Filtered Water Bottle

Bali Includes a great deal of plastic waste. It’s so much that a good deal of it only gets burnt. You will see and smell it throughout your trip. Bring a water bottle using a filter to save money and the environment. 

How to get around?

Public Transportation

Public Buses are not used for town transportation except for Java. There is an Extensive community in Jakarta, referred to as the Transjakarta Busway. Fares cost You’ve got To cover using a card that charges 40,000 IDR/$3 USD (it includes a 20,000 IDR/$1.40 USD charge ) from channel ticketing offices.

Get Around by Becak

A becak is a three-wheeled pedal or motor-powered cart. You will want to pay off your fare before getting in, however 5,000 IDR ($0.36 USD) per kilometre is a fair rate to request.


Taxis are also cheap, and they are metered in important cities. Bluebird Taxis can be obtained in many areas, and they are the most dependable companion for metered taxis and interrogate drivers. There is a smartphone program which makes it really simple to order taxis. The beginning rate is approximately 7,000 IDR ($0.50 USD) and 4,100 IDR ($0.30 USD) per kilometre.

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