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Hanoi is a good town to get lost in. Additionally, it is a simple town to become overrun by on a first trip. Nearly eight million people reside here and it feels like each one of them possesses a scooter and pushes it through the clogged streets honking their horn. When you see, you may suffer from a small sensory overload, allowing the sound and the absolute amount of people block out the more silent parts of this city, that is a shame since there are quieter components available here. From scenic lakes into temples and Victorian buildings, Hanoi has several attractions which make an intoxicating setting on a Vietnam holiday season. Look beyond the bustle of these scooters into the rich culture and history in each construction and across every side road.


To assist you determine which of its many websites are worth visiting, we have compiled the following list of 10 key things to do in Hanoi. It encircles the most well-known sights in town and lists several food experiences which you want to need to encounter all that this city has to offer you.

Things to see and do

  • Explore the Old Quarter


This is this kind of no-brainer that it is almost unnecessary to place on the listing. In case you don’t have any definite plans throughout your stay in town, while in your Vietnam holiday, this is where you have to invest your own time.


You’ll discover scooters and motorbikes here, but also vendors selling souvenirs and fruits. You’ll find pubs hidden around corners and tiny restaurants outside shuttered doors.



If you would like to find hidden gems, invest your time wandering through the Old Quarter in the afternoon and evening. The place will take on an entirely different setting based on the time of day.


  • Visit the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long


The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long, that can be known only as Hanoi Citadel, is close to the very top of most lists of things to do in Hanoi. Reopened at 2012, the UNESCO Heritage Site-listed citadel served as the military and political heart of the Vietnamese empire for more than 800 decades.


 Now, its golden-yellow principal palace and several gates and pavilions function as a sign of town. It’s possible to learn more about the citadel grounds and revel in the wide-open greenery and spaces offering a nice break from the bustle of the Old Quarter.


  • Walk along Hoan Kiem Lake and Ngoc Son


The very best aspect of this is that there are no cars and no scooters there, therefore it is a wonderful break from the dreadful visitors of Hanoi. Be certain that you cross the bridge that contributes to the island in the middle of this lake, since it is where the beautiful Ngon temple is situated. 


It prices 20000 Vietnamese Dong (VDN), which can be significantly less than $1 USD, to pay a visit to the temple. I guess you are able to splurge to have in, since it is one of those Hanoi attractions!


TIP: Make Certain to Visit Hoan Kiem Lake in the night. That is when the bridge to Ngoc Son gets blasted and the sight is really beautiful.


  • Enjoy a show at Hanoi Opera House


Among the most gorgeous buildings in Hanoi is that the Opera House, which was constructed in 1911, when Hanoi was under French rule, in what’s now called the French Quarter. 


The Opera House was pretty much left to the components when the French left Vietnam, but it was remodeled in 1997. Among the best things to do in Hanoi is attending a series — you will find Vietnamese opera performances, concerts and even ballet. 


The costs start from approximately $4 USD do it is totally affordable.



The ideal way to comprehend the gap between Vietnamese architecture and French colonialism is via both of these buildings (fortunately both located in precisely the exact same area near Hoan Kiem Lake).


The home is made of 2 major blocks bound with a square lawn in the center on the ground floor, plus a little balcony on the 1st floor.

The lawn is included in the middle of the construction to medium the atmosphere, providing the home with sun and cool atmosphere.

Travel cost

How much cash will you require for your visit to Hanoi? You should aim to invest about d824,647 ($36) per day on your holiday in Hanoi, that’s that the average daily cost dependent on the costs of different people. 


Past travelers have invested, normally, d249,722 ($11) on foods for a single afternoon and d136,352 ($5.90) on local transport. Additionally, the average resort cost in Hanoi to get a few is d765,502 ($33). 


Therefore, a visit to Hanoi for 2 people for a week prices on typical d11,545,061 ($499). Every one these ordinary travel costs are gathered from different travelers that will assist you organize your travel budget.


Money saving costs

  • Eat from street stalls — To the cheapest food in the city visit the Old Quarter that’s packed with low-cost eats at the street stalls. If you stick to those local stalls, you’ll eat for just a couple dollars a day.
  • Negotiate — You need to barter for everything from street stalls, markets, and taxis. Tourists are often quoted enormous rates and bargaining is expected.
  • Ask your hostel team — Before you leave the hostel, ask them to gauge just how much what you want to do should price. Just how much should a trip to the museum cost? Just how much should I pay to have a dress like that made? They will have the ability to give you bargaining guidelines.
  • Use the bus — All these are the least expensive and most hassle-free method of getting around the city and are comfortable and productive.
  • Save money on rideshares — Catch is way less expensive than taxis and is the best way to go around a town if you don’t need to wait for a bus or pay to get a cab. It works just like Uber and includes a similar program.
  • Take a free walking tour — Free walking tours are one of the best methods to get oriented in a new city, find out some history, and fulfill your day. I suggest Hanoi Free Walking Tours if you are going to do one in town.
  • Packs a water jar — A water bottle with a purifier can come particularly in handy in Vietnam because you can’t drink the tap water. Save cash and plastic using a filtered water jar

How to get around

  1.  taxis 
  2.  bicycle rickshaws.
  3. motorcycle taxis. 
  4. Renting a scooter 

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